I am originally from the desert hill country of San Diego, California, United States of America.  This is where I took my first photographs, along with the Pacific Coast and camping in the mountains.  I got a taste of country with my teen years in Idaho, then moved from NYC to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and abroad, exploring art and human geography.  I am fascinated by how people create and inhabit spaces, both natural and architectural.  My sanity and soul is restored by the balance between deep integration in modern life, and absolute solitude in the natural world.  In my work I seek to capture this balance of this life of two truths, the parts of life that never change, and how others also cope, thrive, and grow, or decay.  I want to help people find their emotional and physical sense of place.

I have taken many opportunities to work as an educator and am humbled and honored to continue integrating this into my career as a fine artist.  

I invite queries for collaborations, commissions, and guest workshop opportunities.  Thank you for visiting.

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